GPS Rock Climbing Guide.
GPS coordinates of rock climbing areas (and hot springs) in the USA, Europe and the World.

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FRANCE:  Ardeche  Buoux  Chateau Vert (Vallon Sourn)  Cimai  Claret  Colombiere (Falaise de la)  Dentelles de Monmirail  Gorges du Verdon  Grande Suites  Orpierre  Russan  Volx 


SPAIN:  Los Mallos de Riglos  Prades Mountains, Siurana 

ASIA:  Laos, Vang Vieng, Nam Tham  Laos, Vang Vieng, Sleeping Wall  Thailand, Krabi, Phra-Nang  Vietnam, Central, Dalat  Vietnam, North East, Halong Bay 


Rock climbing in new places is exciting, but it often involves frustrating hours lost trying to find the right parking area, the right trail, the start of the climb. If you find bush whacking on loose ground with a cryptic climbing guide description in one hand a fun way to spend your time, please do no read further. Using a GPS (Global Positioning System) can make things much simpler.

Hiking GPS units can be purchase for about $100. Currently most of this site coordinates are acquired using a Garmin V.

This guide includes the coordinates of preferably "clothing optional" Hot Springs that are enjoyable after a day of climbing or hiking. Some camping and hiking information around climbing areas are also included.

Pictures, frames and fancy backgrounds are absent on this site to facilitate printing: Please print copies of the relevant areas to take with you to the crags.


To change units (or map datums) click on UNITS 
You can also choose true or magnetic north. Bearings without the label "true" or "magnetic" are true bearings (e.g. "head north-west along a field"). -

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Using a GPS

For the GPS to give you your track (i.e. the direction you are going) you have to be moving: If you are stopped or moving too slowly the GPS will not give you a direction. To figure out where to go, read the bearing to your next way point on the GPS, then use a good old magnetic compass. Remember to set your GPS to give you magnetic bearings (if not you will have to compensate for the variation between true north and magnetic north; about 15 degrees around San Francisco!).

The GPS signal is sometimes lost in forests, canyons and close to cliffs.

Transfer waypoints directly to a GPS

Click TO GPS 


On 2-May-2000 the US military has stop degrading the GPS signal (this degradation was called "Selective Availability"). The precision has improved to about 15 meters. Some older coordinates in this guide have been acquired with an greater error. The errors on the GPS measured altitudes are larger. The "WAAS" signal introduced in 2000 is sometimes available and amazing precisions of the order of 3 meters are now obtainable, only a few coordinates in this guide use this signal.

An altimeter is also useful. The altitudes measured with an altimeter are labeled "altimeter altitudes" in this guide. All other altitudes are measured with a GPS. If you have an altimeter I suggest that you set the altitude to match the altitude of the starting point (e.g. the parking).

The bearings given in this guide are sometimes not very precise. With a GPS you will do fine with approximate bearings!

Copyright and disclaimer

Feel free to copy and redistribute for free this guide (on dead trees or electronically), you are not authorized to sell this guide or major parts of it without the author's written consent. To help climbers everywhere you are authorized to use the author's GPS coordinates in you own local climbing guides, and (obviously) to sell these guides. Please mention this site's URL and my name in your paper or electronic publications. Send me an email referring to your publication or URL.

This guide probably includes errors: use your own judgment. A straight line between waypoints is usually not be the best or safest way to go!

Contribute to this site

Please email me your own GPS coordinates of crags, including if possible parking areas and even way points along the road or the trails. I will mention your name and organization. You can also just send me your comments! My email is below.


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